The Philosophy

The Philosophy

Experienced. Approachable. Affordable.

My view is that companies retain immigration assistance to ensure that their applications have the highest chance of success, the first time. This is one of the main reasons why immigration assistance is not like purchasing most consumer goods. My firm provides professional Canadian immigration services, which to me means that I will do my utmost to serve you, your employee and their families. Moving countries and cultures is not an easy feat, an experience that I underwent and experienced personally.

My goal is to provide my clients with an affordable and knowledgeable alternative and will use my 10+ years of both public and private sector experience, to deliver a high-quality product at a rate that is more than competitive within the industry.

I strive to add value to the application process by:

● Not delegating. Unlike other immigration service providers, I do not delegate the preparation of the file to any other junior members, employees, or third-party offshore writing services.

● Assessing cases thoroughly to ensure a comprehensive immigration strategy is prepared, providing practical and cost-effective solutions.

● Considering and assessing often overlooked admissibility concerns, such as medical and criminal inadmissibility, processing times, fees, in addition to other various aspects that may impact a client’s eligibility and overall legal fees.

● Ensuring applications are submitted properly, timely and mitigate any factors that may harm the reputation of the employer.

● Explaining the various compliance mechanisms applicable to temporary residents, either under the International Mobility Program (IMP) or the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

● Working directly with the principal applicant and their dependent family members and with corporate HR managers to deliver a seamless experience, with a singled point of contact.

● Regularly providing updates to immigration law changes and informing applicants of status changes as they occur.