CAPIC Membership Certificate


The Company

Richard’s Business Immigration Corp. is engaged exclusively in the practice of Canadian immigration and consular matters. My company facilitates the transfer of individuals between foreign countries and Canada whether to immigrate on a permanent basis, to work on temporary assignments, to study, or to visit.

My experience in Canadian immigration is unique and holistic, having previously been an applicant, appellant, permanent resident and citizen, and having worked in immigration in both the public and private sectors. I have continuously built on this experience so that my reputation is now well regarded and seen as a reliable and knowledgeable partner. The clients that I have worked with these past 10+ years include some of the most recognized corporate names in the world, ranging from individuals, professional firms, local and multinational corporations.

Inadmissibility Concerns. Compliance Issues. Strategy definition to reduce costs and risks. I am uniquely qualified to clarify and manage sensitive and unexpected concerns, in a cost- and time-efficient manner.

Richard’s Business Immigration Corp. is also part of the Global Migration Network (GMN).  Global Migration Network (GMN) gives your business access to the very best immigration experts around the globe. We adhere to the highest standards in client service, expertise, and ethics. The Global Migration Network (GMN) is a membership-based group of specialist immigration firms from around the world who work together to support their clients with worldwide immigration solutions. For more information on GMN, please visit .

Only professionals that have proven a record of accomplishment of excellence are invited to join GMN. Members are vetted and must agree to adhere to the highest standards in client service, expertise, and ethics. GMN affiliate offices work with members to provide visa services in lower volume countries.

Richard’s Business Immigration Corp. is also a partner of South African Visa Application Services (SAVAS). SAVAS is an immigration advisory firm that specializes in South African immigration. Based in Cape Town, SAVAS is a group of immigration professionals who have first-hand knowledge and experience with the South African government’s immigration rules and regulations. For Canadian residents, SAVAS offers courier service, visa advisory and end-to-end facilitation services to assist clients wishing to obtain legal status in South Africa. This includes visas for charity work, business travel, retirement, vacation travel, investment, and citizenship repatriation, to name a few. For global clients SAVAS offers visa advisory, consultations, and SAPS clearance letters. Please visit for more information.”

Lastly, I am also a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC), where I have volunteered my time as the Ontario Chapter Member for Events. To see a copy of my membership certificate, click HERE